Thursday, September 23, 2010

no mess ese i pwned u homies

the title is random, never mind that.

i've been thinking lately, i need to do something that will keep me busy, i mean like y'noe instead of doing nothing at the hostel and wander around like a security guard or wasting like half of the day in front of the laptop just checking out facebook, watching vids at youtube which never ever make me a little less dumb.

but ipoh is so boring that hell i dont know what to think. they dont even have a dance studio which in jb i spent a lot of my time at. even if they do, the studio only offer ballet and some really lame and gay dance like tango or belly dancing. i mean like c'mon thats really what i would call LIFELESS.

to be frank, im a day-dreamer, i can sit down and imagine lots of stuff. previously i was really freakin pissed with how bored perling mall is so i imagined that if i was a prime minister, i would do something to make the mall good. so in this case, i imagine what if i live in california?

DUDE! that would be AWESOME maaaannnn.

i mean like, whoho i'll be spendin my time with the brahs and babes looking so babelicous riding the wave and tanning under the sun. no need to mention a lot but i swear, it would be freakin awesomee!

enough with imagination, back to reality, so then from my imagination, i came back with reasons and more reasons how malaysia could be better than other awesome white country.

but first i would like to say what malaysia sucks at.If you are a heavy internet user, Playing MMORPG 24 hours 7 days a week is the only thing you do in life, then Malaysia is truly suck for you. Our broadband connection really does suck on a regular basis. Today the stupid TM screamyx got problem again and damn slow. Or if you love politics, then you would think Malaysian politics is messy or suck compared to other developed nations. On the other hand, if you're retiree looking for a place where you can live peacefully and find a lot of cheap delicious food. Then Malaysia is a paradise for you. Wait, wait, Malaysia a peaceful place ? Yes Yes, according to Global peace index.

We are like 2.5 times more peaceful than CHINA and 3 times more peaceful than USA. The stats do not lie my friends

Or if you like FOOTBALL. Our Astro Channel airs plenty of Live EPL, Italian, Spanish and even German football matches on a regular basis.

Or you LIKE NATURE and FLORA and Fauna ? We have too much of it.

Or you hate earthquake, twister and volcano eruption ? We have none of them.

Or you hate to have your children get enlisted and blow shits up in middle east or some poor oil rich nations? We are a peaceful nation and we do no go to war.

If you are rich foreigners with some cash to spare, it's not difficult to find a place that is guarded and gated and live a super peaceful and affordable life.

sometimes i think its really like some sort of stupid to be proud of having a lot of race in a country, think about it maynn its not only malaysia that have chinese malay and indian under one roof but there are plenty other country that have many race in one country

oh i forgot to mention about driving attitude of malaysians. but wait, do i need to mention it? i guess no. haha

okay continue soon, gotta go to class,

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