Thursday, September 16, 2010

if im the PM of malaysia

greetings, to everybody.

hi again. actually im bored out of my mind, im craving for more of the mentalist, finished watching season one. and currently downloading season two only the episode one =,=' , internet connection is slow, i tell you.

so urm,
my session yesterday went smooth. nothing to talk about it. shh

i didnt do much of jalan raya thing. just stayed at home and have the door bell ring every one hour. yeah, i dont understand mom's friend you see , here's the situation, mom knew this lady just like 3 months ago. and she didnt even knew the family members, OR the extended family members. but it happen like this lady brought the whole family plus her sister's family plus her brother's family and all of her nieces and nephews. the total is 13. is that typical or what?

so i went to perling mall on Tuesday.
i realize how dead that place is. totally nothing. and mom was at secret recipe meeting a friend and i had nothing to do. so i walked around and went into this shop 'hongkong express' and the clothes are all shitty. yet the price is like buying a padini stuff or something like that.

next thing i did, i went to giant bought some chewy and drinks and sit at mcdonald like nobody's business doing nothing but just imagining things. ynoe, if i ruled malaysia. i would first change this stupid perling mall into something awesome. so that the next time im here, i wont be bored out of my bollocking mind.

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