Thursday, September 9, 2010

nothing but the sound of me typing

im home :)
haha so yeah. im now in my room , peace, quite, nothing but the sound of my keyboard when im typing.

its peaceful yeah, this is the best thing you could get after a period of time where u stay in one dorm with britney spears, siti nurhaliza , amy search and the backup singers.

being home also save you whole lots of money :)
seriously ,like you dont have to worry about whats for dinner where to buy and stuff like that. you just wake up from your bed ,open the refrigerator take out some chicken ham, pop it in the microwave and voila eat it with bread :) or you could just tell your mom 'mom, im hungraayyyyyy'

you dont have to worry about making noise, or fart as loud as you can in your room, its like ; your room, your privacy,

and you can shower as long as you can, 45 minutes? no problem , who cares??

well HOME is where the HEAVEN is.

but still, it can be boring after quite a while. ynoe. i miss ipoh though,

its raya tomorrow, so house is quite a chaos for now. adults chitchatting, clingclang in the kitchen, babies are crying, and me , im trying to spend as much time as i can in my room, at the hall playing ps3 and watching dvd as i wont be able to do any of these when im in ipoh.

i still have to do chores. and help out in the kitchen, i know, big blah stuff

i didnt do much of shopping this year, i dont know why, maybe because im too lazy to get off my butt and get going. i realize that money is not an easy thing to get. in ipoh i try to save as much as i can. you see, you need money for everything even to wipe your butt.

when it comes to money , i remmber something about my mom.
whenever i want something she'll go " honey, im off the budget this year ynoe project had been so bad lately blah blah blah..."

but, she just bought new car ,its mercedes benz e250. i wonder if that means "off the budget"?

i was like , GREAT mum, i ask u to get me any cheap car for college you said you're off the budget and now you're having new ride.

conclusion from story abt mum :adults do tells lies.

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