Monday, July 5, 2010


omg omg omg so excited bloody fuck but im in ipoh so screwed up i cant open my package,
i told herman not to open it,
HERMAN, kalau kau bukak package aku, mmg aku kill kau balik nnt!
so yeah , omg my cousin , cayden , send me this parcell, contains a lot of archies and t-shirt band and cotton buds(i dont know whats the last item for) but hell yeah im so damn excited cant wait to go back to jb to open my mailll <3

so back to my current life,

obviously its like mood swing ynoe,at times life here could be damn exciting but at times it could sucks like balls,

but seriously i dont give a mofo damn to bobo hu really hate to see me get along with people around me, Like WTF? you're so not going to control my life! ok enought of bobo cant take her shyte damn much

so moving on ,

i went to kellies castle with intan admal and razi(not sure if i spelled his name correctly) and they were like photo snapping here and there, over all kellies castle is quite a creepy place , yes it is creepy i mean that place was supposed to be an attraction but there was sign all over that castle telling that the spirit was seen to be wandering along the catle's corridor i mean like , people will get creep if they read that and fer sure will never want to come back,

ugh malaysia =,='

next i went to this place they called it smallville(have no idea why) and again snap snap here and there :P

next i went to the PADDY FIELD! yes!!!! for the first time evveerrrr in my life! hahah,
i have no comment about paddy field so far,

but cayden, leslie ,
paddy field is not like what u think how it would be! seriously!!

ok ok have to go eat now .