Friday, December 31, 2010



so yeh, bbye good ol twenty-o-ten !
what should i write about this really?
okay 2010 was great, i mean i really did lots of stuff in 2010 to be compared to the previous year i have lived.

in 2010 , i had a real job, meeting up real people, went to college, and more.
i mean like yea it some sort of like getting-into-a-real-world stuff ynoe. like i spent my previous years attending school and overall it was the same stuff i did everyday. so if you are like still schooling and you think thats all in life, you are wrong seriously, =,='' there are a lot more to discover.

so my first ever real job was in Smart Reader Kids Kindergarten in Taman Perling as a kindergarten teacher. haha! i know you guys must be like whuuuuuuut? she worked as a teacher? to a bunch of kids?? proudly telling you , YES :) yea before applying for the job i did thought of just applying for any job like a salesgirl in some jusco or shops like padini, and stuff, but it was like super boring ynoe to get a job like that, and you have to work like ten fukking hours to get the full salary. i worked only from morning till noon! ahah and have fun with like bunch of kids.

of course the kids can be pain in the ass sometimes, but hey, they're just kids, innocent and yea adorable <3

i went to college
yes for the first tme ever. as a junior , of my freshmen year. it was really like a culture shock for me, its not like i havent been exposed to outside world or what. but i realllllly never ever talk to a real kedahian or any orang utara before. that was like the main problem for me when i first arrived at the college's hostel. also it was like the first time ever i lived in a hostel.

then i made new friends :)

and then i been through a real hard ass moment ever, hysteria x(
dont wanna talk about it
but yea i would neverrr forget about it!

josh gosh
so like everybody else for new year there must be like something make them really happy.
guess what? I'm on the Dean list! :) i'm so happy i could even shit rainbows! hahaha.


so i'm going back to ipoh in few days, i can't wait too see like everybody, from friends to even the burger man in front of my hostel! :) I hope this time everything will be okay, i mean , like everybody else, they have like their own resolutions for new year, well my resolutions is, .. urm i'll tell you soon,

i really need to go now,
off to shower and grab something to eat because im dead hungry
uhh okay PeaceOutHomeDawg!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i have been punkd.

okay, the tittle is random, i didnt get punkd or what. blahh gotcha.

so yeah, for the days that i havent been blogging, a lot of things happens. A LOT. some of it i really dont think i would mention, like how sick i get last few days(bummer, i just mentioned it) haha

so i went to malacca! for the family holiday. yeah it sucks like i told you before to be on a vacation with the family. but this time its not over all sucks. yknow. maybe this time they understand that im practically on my way to be a grown up so they really did give me some space for my privacy, like mom really let me stayed up at the coffee house there at A'famosa all by myself untill 2 am. i mean "wow, did she really?"

a'famosa was great. 100 times better than what you can get in Ipoh, which is the Lost World. which really Lost in the map of the World. haha. but everything is really expensive there. i dont know, im just saying really. // hahahaha

so lately i went skating, with my brother. he drags me anywhere he go because there are practically nothing for me to do at home. so yeah back to skating, you guys, it not easy. looks like it is, but its not! i fell like 100 times, haha .

i really hate to talk about my problems. makes me feel pathetic so yeah lets skip that part.

Year End Sale is really making me mad, like i got a jacket worth 378 ringgit for only 70 bucks! isnt that priceless?? (err, shima , it got price,isnt it? )

ok .
im outta here, i need shower, o my lord.

peaceout HOMEDAWG

Friday, December 10, 2010

im a pessimist

okay,im posting blog from my cellphone rite now.

No,its not easy.its complicated enough,especially when you're using touch screen phone.but i wanna post anyway,because im not happy now.and somehow i need to let go of whatever im feeling rite here i am.blogging from the cellphone.

Im not happy .because i've been treated like trash.nobody cares about how i feel.nobody feels proud of me and nobody needs me. I am just a doormat to everyone.

I am a girl with no confidence at life is already suck from the beginning.can you make it any worst? Fuck you.

I fucking have not not the funniest,not the prettiest not the cutest. But i fucking have feelings!

I am a normal person who easily get mad,happy,crazy,jealous,sad and whatever.I am normal people with feelings! Im not a fucking zombie.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

family vacation? UGHH BUMMERRRR

i realized something.

i only blog when i'm home . :/ why? because i only will feel dead bored when i'm at home. yeah, seriously.

ipoh is more boring to be compared to JB, but i prefer to be there. i told sadhish and he said "of course you like it there, its because the friends you got there" , well he was definitely telling the truth.

i miss ipoh, i miss everybody there, my hulk, my friends, my frienemies, my enemies, my lecturer(???), abg ar kedai dpn(???,hahahha), pakcik air cafe college, kakak koperasi, everyyyybody. hahaha

i wish i can just fly to ipoh now,

omnomnomnommm. im eating campbells chicken soup. what? you want some? some feet soup?

so the whole family of mine are planning, to go to Malacca. (for some sort of holiday) ok here's the thing. i alwayyyyss alwayysss alwayysss hate to go for a vacation with my family . i know, that sounds bad. but its the truth maaaaan.

will hate it more if we have to stay over somewhere. like at the hotel or something.

why? ok first of all im not the family type of person. like i love to do stuff on my own at home, i love to be left alone and to stay all day in my room doing my own things , dont get me wrong okay, i love my family, i love mum i love everyone of them.

our family holiday scene will be like :
  • when we went to any places for example any pulau or any beach resort. mum will try all her best to get all the food from home there, i mean come on we are on VACATION for god sake, you should be relaxing and cant we just eat at the restaurant? and of course when it involves mum cooking on our trip, i MUST(more like forced to) help.
  • my sister will be totally looking after the kids and always trying to came up with IQ games that she thinks the kid will love it. again, its HOLIDAY just let the kids do what they fukking want.
  • when we were at the hotel, inside the room, mom will be focusing on the TV shows for some lame melayu or indonesian drama, and the rest of us have to watch it too. there will be only a TV in a hotel room.
  • in the hotel room again, we have to take turn to use the toilet. :/ and when it comes to bed time, like everyone have to sleep at the same time. I am the hardest person in the world to fall asleep unless im dead tired. at that moment i will be happy for awhile because thats the time where i will be practically alone. but still it means nothing,because theres nothing i can do.
  • we have to share beds. ARGH!
  • we have to squeeze ourself in the car . URGH!
  • mom &the rest of the adults will be like "shima, put away your phone,come help serve makan or layan the kids blablablabluhbluhblah" *&%$%##%^
  • i will be dead awkward on a family holiday because im practically a freak in the family like im the only person that do less talking with everyone.
  • i love privacy, being on a VACATION with my family means a holiday from my privacy :/
so yeah, hope this time I'll enjoy myself :/ errr