Friday, December 10, 2010

im a pessimist

okay,im posting blog from my cellphone rite now.

No,its not easy.its complicated enough,especially when you're using touch screen phone.but i wanna post anyway,because im not happy now.and somehow i need to let go of whatever im feeling rite here i am.blogging from the cellphone.

Im not happy .because i've been treated like trash.nobody cares about how i feel.nobody feels proud of me and nobody needs me. I am just a doormat to everyone.

I am a girl with no confidence at life is already suck from the beginning.can you make it any worst? Fuck you.

I fucking have not not the funniest,not the prettiest not the cutest. But i fucking have feelings!

I am a normal person who easily get mad,happy,crazy,jealous,sad and whatever.I am normal people with feelings! Im not a fucking zombie.


  1. hey babe. :( don't said like this. if you need someone to talk to im here,