Thursday, December 16, 2010

i have been punkd.

okay, the tittle is random, i didnt get punkd or what. blahh gotcha.

so yeah, for the days that i havent been blogging, a lot of things happens. A LOT. some of it i really dont think i would mention, like how sick i get last few days(bummer, i just mentioned it) haha

so i went to malacca! for the family holiday. yeah it sucks like i told you before to be on a vacation with the family. but this time its not over all sucks. yknow. maybe this time they understand that im practically on my way to be a grown up so they really did give me some space for my privacy, like mom really let me stayed up at the coffee house there at A'famosa all by myself untill 2 am. i mean "wow, did she really?"

a'famosa was great. 100 times better than what you can get in Ipoh, which is the Lost World. which really Lost in the map of the World. haha. but everything is really expensive there. i dont know, im just saying really. // hahahaha

so lately i went skating, with my brother. he drags me anywhere he go because there are practically nothing for me to do at home. so yeah back to skating, you guys, it not easy. looks like it is, but its not! i fell like 100 times, haha .

i really hate to talk about my problems. makes me feel pathetic so yeah lets skip that part.

Year End Sale is really making me mad, like i got a jacket worth 378 ringgit for only 70 bucks! isnt that priceless?? (err, shima , it got price,isnt it? )

ok .
im outta here, i need shower, o my lord.

peaceout HOMEDAWG

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