Friday, December 31, 2010



so yeh, bbye good ol twenty-o-ten !
what should i write about this really?
okay 2010 was great, i mean i really did lots of stuff in 2010 to be compared to the previous year i have lived.

in 2010 , i had a real job, meeting up real people, went to college, and more.
i mean like yea it some sort of like getting-into-a-real-world stuff ynoe. like i spent my previous years attending school and overall it was the same stuff i did everyday. so if you are like still schooling and you think thats all in life, you are wrong seriously, =,='' there are a lot more to discover.

so my first ever real job was in Smart Reader Kids Kindergarten in Taman Perling as a kindergarten teacher. haha! i know you guys must be like whuuuuuuut? she worked as a teacher? to a bunch of kids?? proudly telling you , YES :) yea before applying for the job i did thought of just applying for any job like a salesgirl in some jusco or shops like padini, and stuff, but it was like super boring ynoe to get a job like that, and you have to work like ten fukking hours to get the full salary. i worked only from morning till noon! ahah and have fun with like bunch of kids.

of course the kids can be pain in the ass sometimes, but hey, they're just kids, innocent and yea adorable <3

i went to college
yes for the first tme ever. as a junior , of my freshmen year. it was really like a culture shock for me, its not like i havent been exposed to outside world or what. but i realllllly never ever talk to a real kedahian or any orang utara before. that was like the main problem for me when i first arrived at the college's hostel. also it was like the first time ever i lived in a hostel.

then i made new friends :)

and then i been through a real hard ass moment ever, hysteria x(
dont wanna talk about it
but yea i would neverrr forget about it!

josh gosh
so like everybody else for new year there must be like something make them really happy.
guess what? I'm on the Dean list! :) i'm so happy i could even shit rainbows! hahaha.


so i'm going back to ipoh in few days, i can't wait too see like everybody, from friends to even the burger man in front of my hostel! :) I hope this time everything will be okay, i mean , like everybody else, they have like their own resolutions for new year, well my resolutions is, .. urm i'll tell you soon,

i really need to go now,
off to shower and grab something to eat because im dead hungry
uhh okay PeaceOutHomeDawg!

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