Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ok im 18, are you happy now?

its my birthday . yeah. i received like tons of birthday wishes on my facebook account,they’ve come floodinglthe love has been profuse, profane and profound and, just…thank you.
thank you and i love you. i’m so happy. imma like wow would these amount of people wish my birthday in real life outside the facebook world?

so yeah, nothing much on my birthday, i woke up late as usual staring at the four walls deciding should i get up or continue dreaming about flying elephant(what the hell?) . i did get out of my bed, i went to the toilet. fuuuuuuuckkkk, my face is all white! what am i? albino or something?

yes it was all powder over my face, yes it was one of the birthday prank you would get on your birthday beside getting yourself covered up all with flour. and yes it was my cousins who did it. thanks guys, next time please consider me a better birthday present, i've had enough powder in my life.

next thing i knew when i was out of the toilet i was being thrown with flour and glitters. i was like , wow, so much of a birthday surprise huh ?

ahh, get it over with ,

so bbq at night, ahh, just nice, with my family, and cousins, beside the pool,

so, is BBQ some sort like Birthday Party?? please say no. because i hate birthday party!
Birthday parties are notoriously demanding and bitchy, and I’ll be damned if you’re going to run me to death, bitch about everything, not tip me well, AND not offer me a piece of cake.

Why do people even buy these huge fucking birthday cakes that they can’t possibly finish? Sure, they look cool, but you have about 50 servings of cake for only 12 people. And usually only half of the party even wants any cake, and the rest of them want “just a small piece”…so you’ve got a huge fucking cake and no one to eat it.

dont dont dont get me wrong, i dont blame the cake. i loveeee cakes! nyum! i just hate the way people doesnt appreciate it! come on you bollocks! its birthday, yeah CAKE is like a must, why dont you just enjoy it??

ok enough, i'll get mad talking about b'day parties.

so gahhh, im another year older .

lets see what i've done in life.
Get a tattoo? will never
overcome stage fright? Done.
See the Grand Canyon? havent.
Visit the French Riviera? havent.
Skydive? Done.
Bungee jump? Fuck no.
receive flowers? yes,from a student
Give birth and become a mother? Oh hell no.
Make a pie from scratch? Really? This is something you need to do before you die? Really?
haha .

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