Saturday, November 27, 2010

i need to Get The Fukk Out Of here

I seem to be angry all the time lately. Or if not angry, then bored. And I know what this means: a depression coming on, and the thought of that just makes me tremble, because I know how debilitating my depressions can be. And I have neither meds nor a psychologist to get me through.

holy shit, a sword fish just went into my head,
that's how im feeling right now,yes

mom suddenly was like," i think, you should a get yourself hired for this whole month you're staying home." // maaaan am i fukked?

its just a month of holiday, i am supposed to get my licence and stuff, and now you freakin ask me to get a job?// maan am i fukked again?

now stuff like this really makes me terribly regret that im home. i mean like if i knew that this would happen i might just as well stay in ipoh and get a job there instead here. its more or less the same thing.

maaann i need to GTFO(look at the tittle) of here.

i've been imagining ,
how is it like to live in detroit?
-woww, i googled "what is it like to live in detroit" lame sounding? yeah so what. so here's the conclusion from my research about detroit. so Detroit is bigger than the NY city, but really Detroit city has a bad reputation with all the drugs, crime, crooked cops and stuff like that, i dont really want to say this but its stated in one of the website that the niggas there are real bad ass.

"It all depends on how you carry yourself really. If you keep to yourself and MYOB, you should be okay. Not saying you can't be a victim of random violence or robbery, but if you just use common sense, watch your mouth, and be aware at all times, you're halfway there buddy." -special nobody ,

so yeah, living in detroit isnt a brilliant choice so far.

PEACE OUT, homedawg, i gotta go shower, pffft

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